The phenomenon called Angelina Jordan

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Angelina Jordan Stories

Most of us would consider Angelina Jordan a genius. But I would say she is a lot more than that, she is a phenomenon.

Loving and caring family

Let’s consider all the attributes that had to come together to give us Angelina. She was born into a loving and caring family with positive values. They showed her, love, compassion, and sensitivity and how to treat others. She inherited all these characteristics.

Angelina Jordan's mother Sara Astar is watching her daughter from the backstage of Norway's Got Talent

Angelina Jordan’s mother Sara Astar is watching her daughter from the backstage of Norway’s Got Talent.

Enamoured by the sounds of Jazz

How many young children like her were enamoured by the sounds of jazz? Let’s also mention how she was physically endowed with the ability to sing with a tone and natural vibrato that could cause grown people to cry.

Her ability to share the feelings of others (empathy) through her songs is second to none.

Bjarte Hjelmeland jury member at Norway's Got Talent

Bjarte Hjelmeland jury member at Norway’s Got Talent gets emotional after listening to Angelina Jordan.

The best addiction

Many have considered her voice as addictive. She also demonstrated that she had perfect pitch by singing a complete song A cappella at an early age. Also, let’s not forget her lyric memorization and unafraid stage presence as a young girl.

Angelina Jordan on the Norway's Got Talent stage

Angelina Jordan’s first appearance on the Norway’s Got Talent stage in 2014, age 7 – Gloomy Sunday [YouTube]

Set on becoming an international star

Now let’s look at when and where she appeared in our world. if she was born before, jazz came on the scene, or for that matter before the Internet, would we still have had the inspired little star?

How fortunate for us that she was raised in a country that taught her English. She is considered extremely fluent in speaking and writing English, and most people cannot detect any accent.

Sure she could’ve been a star in another country however, knowing English seems to be a prerequisite for international star status as is becoming a star in America. Granted, there are many exceptions.

Angelina Jordan in the recording studio

Angelina Jordan working in the recording studio.

A few more talents to consider

Angelina has the ability to usually record a song in one take. She has been hands-on from an early age in the arrangement of her songs and videos. She has also shown us that she is a great and prolific Lyricist/Songwriter.

Angelina Jordan at the Piano

Angelina Jordan working at the piano.

What are the chances?

Now, having a few of these attributes, could make you somewhat of a genius or a star. However, considering all of these characteristics and the timing and the chances of all these things happening to one person we must consider this more than genius.

We have to look at this as a phenomenon.