Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Angelina Jordan Podcast S2 E8 Deeper than Words with Nate Havlick


Angelina Jordan Podcast

Deeper than Words with Nate Havlick

Reactor and devoted fan Nate Havlick talks about the impact of Angelina Jordan’s artistry.

”It’s amazing how she touches deeper inside than emotions and deeper than thoughts. She really touches you. And it just naturally reshuffles things inside. Your sense of yourself, Your sense of the world. Your sense of other people.”


  1. SamWang

    Hi! I often listen to Angelina Jordan singing. Listening to this conversation brought me some peacefull tears (!). By what you are doing here, you’re a bit like tibetan monks supporting a boddhisatva’s life (Angelina Jordan’s one) dedicated to help people reaching their heart.

    Cheers from France.

    • Alan

      Thank you, Sam. A comment like that makes all our hard work worthwhile


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Thursday 3 pm London time (UTC +1).


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