Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Angelina Jordan Podcast S2 E4 It's All Mind - Meditating on Angelina Jordan with Ken Chawkin


Angelina Jordan Podcast

It’s All Mind – Meditating on Angelina Jordan with Ken Chawkin

”When we sit to meditate, we take the attention of the mind naturally within. We’re closing our eyes. We’re not minding anything around us, even the thoughts that we’re having, we’re not interested in them. They come and they go.

We’re all born with that potentiality within us. Some are using more, some less, I think Einstein maybe used a bit more, but most people are using eight to 10% of their mental potential anyway, so this gives us a chance to unfold and utilize more and more of our innate potential.

So maybe Angelina is someone who naturally has been born with utilizing more from the start and the fact that she is a child prodigy, like her grandmother, means that she’s already using more of her mental potential than most of us.”


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Thursday 3 pm London time (UTC +0).


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