Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Angelina Jordan Podcast S2 E10 Past, Presence and Future with Barry Sowder


Angelina Jordan Podcast

Angelina Jordan fan Barry Sowder tries to find the answer to two questions, ‘What makes Angelina Jordan, Angelina Jordan?’ and ‘Why does it feel like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket when you’re listening to her?’

Barry’s background in psychology and as a consciousness coach – as well as having an extensive knowledge of Eastern and Western wisdom traditions – led him to some possible answers with profound implications.

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  1. Ron Branscombe

    This discussion was very interesting. I still think Angelina’s book is the best source we have to help understand what triggered her life’s ambition. Regarding spiders, I do now ask myself, “What would she do? Would she stomp on it?” B.A. (Before Angelina) I would not have hesitated … but now …

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Thursday 3 pm London time (UTC +1).


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