E8S3 Portrait of a SuperFan with Andy Schnell

Wrapped in a Warm Blanket

Portrait of a superfan

In our latest podcast episode, we welcome back Andy Schnell, a well-known enthusiast and commentator in the Angelina Jordan community. Making his second appearance, Andy shares his evolution from a fan to a key advocate for Angelina’s music. He delves into his role within the community, discussing his efforts to amplify Angelina’s message of love and kindness and his interactions with fellow fans.

This episode is a deep dive into how Angelina’s music has not only influenced Andy’s life but also touched the hearts of many others. Andy emphasizes the power of Angelina’s message, inspiring kindness and joy in the world. His stories highlight the impact of her music and how it fosters a sense of community and creativity among her fans. This episode is a testament to the transformative power of her artistry and the passion of her fans.

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