Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Episode 9 I Am Her And She Is Me


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EPISODE 9 I Am Her And She Is Me

Angelina Jordan’s message is so huge. She talks about universal love and that is really quite phenomenal for such a young person to have that vision. And being able to communicate it.

There seems to be a special connection between Angelina singing and we, as listeners taking in that message. We ask ourselves, ”How? How is this even possible? How can a young girl like this capture those kinds of emotions?”

We have to stretch our imagination and realize that we are only just at the threshold of what is possible with human potential. There is a huge gap between who we are, and our potential.

Pontus: Okay. Now I can hear you. It takes a little while for the connection to kick in.

Alan: Yeah. It’s like the wire is 2000 kilometers long under the sea and sometimes there’s little kinks in it and the fish start nibbling on it.

Pontus: Yeah, exactly.

Alan: Now, we have so much to talk about today, Pontus. I made a list.

Pontus: Oh, good!

Alan: I’ll tell you something which will make you smile. One of my Patreons is from Florida, he’s 10 years older than me. And he doesn’t believe in delayed gratification and he really likes it when I send him a copy of my video within an hour or two of making it.
So yesterday I sent him the first one and I said, this is not the final draft. And he wrote back and he said, ”Why isn’t this the final draft? This is wonderful the way it is.” So I sent him an hour later, the final draft, and then he wrote back and said, ”Ah, I see you’re an obsessive compulsive, perfectionist.”

Pontus: No! And then you said, ”No, no! I’m not, Pontus is.”

Alan: Well nearly, I wrote back to him and I said, ”I’ve been called many things in my life, but never a perfectionist.”

Pontus: Haha, no!

– – –

Alan: I think we have to be consistent, otherwise all listeners will be a little disappointed. I think we have to still be talking about Angelina Jordan and the phenomenon that she is. And also the phenomenon that happens inside of us when we listen to her. Because we can go on and and on. We may do 50 podcasts or a hundred podcasts, but we will run and run with this baby because it’s so rich, what is happening inside of us. And there are so many people who can come along and talk about this. We have a very interesting podcast on our hands.

Pontus: Yeah, we truly do. Can I ask you a question? I’m a little bit interested in your Angelina journey. What was the first song you listened to?

Alan: Well, I first heard Bohemian Rhapsody and I needed to hear it about four or five times within the first hour. And it was sort of like, peeling away layers of the onion. The first time my mouth was open and then the implications just got deeper and deeper and deeper.
And of course I was crying. But I continued to cry and I didn’t understand that. And so straight away I was hooked in. But the more I have followed Angelina Jordan and the more I’ve understood about her and the more I understand the story about when she gave away her shoes and her charity events. The more I especially understand what her grandmother is trying to communicate, the more I realize that the message and the intent and the goodness of Angelina Jordan very, very much matched my perception of the world.
And I have to be very honest with you, very, very rarely have I found that. And so I have hooked onto that in a way thinking, ”Right, I can promote Angelina. I can promote her music, but also her message is so, so important that I’m delighted to be able to not even focus on the music, but just talk about that message.” Because it’s different for every person, but there are some universal aspects of that as well, in terms of… She talks about universal love, but, we can just talk about universal love for ten podcasts alone. Just on that subject.

Pontus: Yeah, I think you’re right there. Yeah. I mean, that first moment, why did you happen to see it in the first place? Was it on YouTube or..?

Alan: Yeah, it was on YouTube. I actually did a video of how I discovered her, because I was following another Norwegian singer by the name of Sigrid. And one of the comments was saying, ”Oh, there’s a tremendous amount of talent coming out of Norway recently.” And Aurora’s name was mentioned and then I read Angelina Jordan, and then I just randomly went to see what she was like.

Pontus: Okay, okay. So you actively, pursued listening to new music, was that it? Because you weren’t a YouTuber, where you?

Alan: No, not at all. Not at all. I went and became a YouTuber to promote her music, but I always had in the back of my mind, that if anything her message of communicating universal love.
And it’s really, really quite phenomenal for an eight or 10 or 12 year old child to have that vision and being able to communicate it and to be successful in that. That is really what I find phenomenal. And this has to be talked about.

Pontus: Yeah, of course. I also find it very unique that a six year old little girl can make a promise to another child, basically. And then stick to that promise for so many years. I mean, that is unheard of. I mean, I have kids of my own, I know how they work and people don’t… I mean, kids don’t work like that, normally.

Alan: No, they don’t. With Angelina Jordan so many factors just came into being in just the right alignment. You know, if I were an astrologer I would say all the stars lined up.

Pontus: Yeah.

Alan: But, what I would say is, it’s her background, it’s her family, it’s the fact that her grandmother was a child prodigy herself. And her grandmother is sort of… I would say feeding her artistic inspiration from many directions, on many levels.

Pontus: Yeah, I think that’s really important.

Alan: Yeah. And she’s feeding her musically, but she’s also feeding her with painting and drawing and…

Pontus: Poetry also.

Alan: Yes, also. And it’s the fact that Angelina spend so much time with her granny…
And I’ve heard Angelina do an interview recently.  And she said this wonderful, wonderful line. And to me, it really struck me. She said, ”I’m not aware of the age gap between myself and my grandmother.” And when I heard that I did a double-take, because to my ears that means, ”I am her, and she is me.” So the identification that Angelina Jordan has with this type of artist and child prodigy.
But in addition to that, I think it’s really important for us to appreciate the thousands and thousands of years of Persian culture, which Angelina the grandmother has. Which she has in her soul, which is something that she communicates through her art and through Angelina.

Pontus: Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re onto something there. In another interview, she said she doesn’t… This was when she was 12. She doesn’t, look at herself as a 12-year-old. Only when she looks in her passport, she feels that she is 12. Maybe we could just relax a little bit about her age. And not concentrate on that, because it is sort of a timeless universal message behind everything.

Alan: And there’s something else which has not been talked about much, and that is, Angelina Jordan is a very, very good example of what human potential we have inside of us.

– – –

Alan: What is our capability? What is the maximum we can do?
Let me give you an example. Let’s say there was someone who has a photographic memory. So if you open up the page of a phone book, they can look at the page for 10 seconds and in their mind there’s a camera and they can take a picture of that page and they can close the phone book and they can tell you every single phone number on that page, the 500 phone numbers on that page, just from looking at it for five seconds.

Pontus: Yeah.

Alan: Now you say, “Well, how is that possible?” Because that is something out of our understanding of what human potential is. So sometimes we have to stretch our imagination and realize that we are only just at the threshold of what is possible with human potential. In terms of emotions, that is something which cannot be tracked or analyzed.
And that is something that Angelina is doing from how she is capturing the emotions. She is almost having some type of breakthrough with the concept of what is possible with human potential.

Pontus: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to discuss this, but so many people, believe that her abilities are coming from the heavens, if you will. And I want to just address that and say that it really, sort of takes away from her achievements to say that. Because, I believe that it is coming from within her. A human being can really do this on their own. Of course, with the right genes and with the right upbringing, the right surrounding and everything.
We all have that ability within us, that strength within us. And if we all can see it like that, then maybe our life can be better, because we can actually believe in ourselves.

Alan: What you just said is very interesting, because you talk about, maybe it comes from the heavens, but actually it’s coming from inside of the Angelina Jordan. And then our podcast will focus on then what happens inside of us?

Pontus: Yeah.

Alan: Because that is something which is simply not very much discussed and it’s really, really important.
Not just in terms of how we feel, and not even why we feel that, but to describe that feeling and talk about the subtleties and the nuances of that feeling. And where that feeling takes you. And how long that feeling lasts. And how that feeling evolves, et cetera, et cetera.
We do live in a scientific world and we do live in an analytical world and everyone understands the nature of analysis, but, let’s make a distinction between describing our feeling as opposed to analyzing our feeling. We’re trying to put into words, the richness of our feeling, or, ”I’ve never felt this way before” type of description. And then to put into words, how it feels when you have a new feeling that you haven’t had before.

Pontus: When I listen to Angelina, one of the most concrete feelings I get is the sense of pride. What is it that I’m proud about? Really? I think it’s related to the sense of pride you can get when you see somebody doing something that they’re really good at, like for example, in sports. Sometimes I get that feeling when I see really impressive athletes doing something really good. I get a sense of pride for them.
And I don’t know if that’s related to when I listen to Angelina and I get a sense of pride there, but…

Alan: Well, I can understand what you’re describing. Because, when I listen to Angelina and I appreciate Angelina Jordan, I think, ”Ah, there is hope for the future”. That someone like this, who is so young, can have this vision and can communicate this vision. And that this is something which could and should be around for decades and decades.
And so, you know, it’s a more evolved consciousness, it’s a more evolved vision. You know, that gives me pride, not just in her, but her message. And also it gives me some hope for the future direction of mankind.

Pontus: Yeah. Yeah. That’s a big, that’s huge.

Alan: It is, but then her message is you huge. I mean, you know, she talks about universal love and, you know, it’s not a coincidence that she chose to sing and focus about seventh heaven. And it’s so much that we don’t realize, and we don’t know. And there’s such a huge gap. between who we are and our potential.

– – –

Pontus: I think through her music, she is actually able to communicate to us on a subconscious level, those kinds of feelings. Just because she has those values within her. And I think that is quite remarkable, the connection between her singing and we, as listeners taking in that message subconsciously. That is something I find very intriguing.

Alan: This is a very, very advanced art form. And the chemistry of what transpires between what’s happening inside of Angelina Jordan and her art and her music, and how that reaches us and the impact it has. You know, this is all chemistry, which cannot really be analyzed. But at the same time, it needs to be talked about, because it’s just so important.
You know, it’s funny, because 50 years ago the Beatles had a song and one of the lines from one of their songs is, ”What do you see when you turn out the lights? I can’t tell you, but I know it’s mine.” And in a way, this is the nature of subjective reality. So what is happening inside of us, is ours. And it’s very real and it’s very personal.
In this case with Angelina Jordan, it’s necessary for us to really, really understand her art. But understanding how it affects us and to begin to describe how rich that experience is. There are many, many great singers, but Angelina Jordan, I believe does something different. And she does something unique. And many of her listeners and many of her fans find this as well.

Pontus: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Alan: And, you know, everyone will have a different reaction, but it’s a mystery. We have a mystery in front of us and we have a spotlights and we shine the spotlight on the mystery, but then the mystery moves, it’s not under the spotlight anymore. We have to move the spotlight. It’s a little bit like holding sand in your hand, it then slips through your fingers as you’re holding it, when we try and talk about the intangible. But, you know, we like a challenge. Don’t we?

Pontus: Yes, we do. We really do.


  1. James Riley

    I know what you mean about the sense of pride. Where does that come from. A very good question. You fellows also brought up the topic of potential in this one. Another important topic. I love that you touched on the interview byte where AJ claimed not to feel an age gap between her and her grandmother. Therein lies the fruit of understanding this phenomenon. I think Mery Zamani has conjured a living breathing work of art like this world has never seen. Bravo maestro!

  2. Johannes Dippenaar

    What Christians mean if they say that “she get it from heavens ” actually means she got her talents from God. You have to develop your talent and uses it to honour God. We all received different talents from God. You are born with it but you are free to do what ever you want with it. For the good or the bad.

  3. Barry

    I also discovered her accidentally through YouTube. I had been following Haley Reinhart who had done a nice rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” and somehow a reference came up about Angelina’s “I Put a Spell On You” which immediately hooked me. Thanks for these podcasts, I share them with friends.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you for sharing!

  4. Nestor De Poli

    Hola chicos, que buen episodio, los felicito, me queria detener en lo increible de como Angelina mantiene su promesa a lo largo del tiempo, tambien su mensaje, porque uno puede escuchar a un niño dando un mensaje alentador, pero no sabe que es casi imposible en el momento que lo expresa, es que cuando te enfrentas con la realidad de este mundo, se hace dificil, en cambio con Angelina me paso lo contrario, siempre le crei y confie en ella, en su mensaje, en que es posible, no me paso con educadores, con musicos, menos con politicos, si me paso con Angelina, y lo reafirme cuando vi el video del cover de The Beatles, Here Comes The Sun, son tan reales sus sentimientos, hasta te diria que es ahi donde mas la veo, en esa lucha tan importantes para todos nosotros, y ella no solo se preocupa, si no que tambien se ocupa, no se si se entiende bien lo que quiero decir realemnte, es que siempre siento que me quedo corto con las expresiones cuando se trata de ella, quiero terminar diciendo que para mi, Angelina es la mejor version en todoas sus edades, en cada una de ellas, necesitamos muchas Angelinas, el mundo seria mucho mejor, por eso hay que difundir su mensaje, y les agradezco a ustedes por hacerlo tan bien, saludos y gracias…

  5. Jean-Pierre Caron

    Hi ! I am a fan of Angelina since I first saw her performance at Norway Got Talent as a 7 years old girl. Since then I try to keep in touch with her videos on Youtube. She always make me crying when she sings and I am 76 years old man . The thing is that we commune she and I trough her songs and this between our spirits that energy is manifesting. When someone says that she gets her performance from heaven sort of speak and it is quite true cause heaven exist in her as it exist in each one of us . This when we expand our state of consciousness that we can commune with this Angel which is Angelina Jordan. I apologize for my english I am a french Canadian speaking person.


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