Angelina Jordan Podcast Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Episode 1 Ripples in a Pond


Angelina Jordan Podcast

EPISODE 1 Ripples in a Pond

In this first episode we start exploring the depth and the diversity and the total variation of how people are affected when listening to Angelina Jordan.

Everyone and their grandmother have been analyzing Angelina Jordan vocally and what she does and how she does it. But there’s much less emphasis on the detailed reaction of how it affects people.

Podcast transcription

Pontus: Welcome to Wrapped in a Warm Blanket, a podcast with heart-to-heart talks about Angelina Jordan’s artistry and how it affects our inner world, co-hosted by Alan Papier and Pontus Österlin.

Pontus: Hi, Alan.

Alan: Hi, Pontus. What shall we talk about today?

Pontus: I’m not sure. Do you know?

Alan: I think we should start with Angelina Jordan and then carry on with Angelina Jordan and finish with Angelina Jordan.

Pontus: That sounds like a good idea.

Alan: What Angelina Jordan does is she uses her music as a vehicle because she very, very clearly, very much all along, has always said that she wants to communicate love through her music.

If you’re walking along and you see a man throwing a stone into a pond, three things are going on. There’s the man himself. There’s the stone and there’s what happens in the pond. The man himself. The person, in this case, is symbolic of Angelina, the artist and the musician, the person creating the art. The stone, the shape, the size, the composition of the stone, it may vary, but that represents the art itself or in this case, the music. But when it hits the pond, the direction of the ripple and the extent of the ripple and the ever-widening effect of the ripple, that is something which is a different category. It’s the ripples inside of us, which is really the focus of this podcast.

Everyone and their grandmother have been analyzing her vocally and what she does and how she does it. But there’s much less emphasis on the detailed reaction of how it affects people. So it’s not just how it affects me and how it affects you. There will be many, many other people. But it’s the depth and the diversity and the total variation of how people are affected, which could and should be explored.

Pontus: Yeah, I think so, too. I mean, one of the the mysteries is why is it affecting so many people on such a deep level? I mean, I can speak for myself. The first time I heard her, I was in a pretty bad place mentally. I mean, it was, the whole pandemic was going on. And I was suffering a bit from depression or… Well, not depression really, but I was feeling low. I was feeling blue and and I sort of just by accident got to see the clip from AGT, America’s Got Talent with the Bohemian Rhapsody.

And instantly I just jumped on the wagon, if that’s what you say? And after that… I can’t really recall what happened exactly, but somewhere in those 5-10 videos I just went through, it got to me in a way that no artist ever got to me. I mean, we’re talking about a very young person affecting me in a way that actually… In a way that I want to be like a better person in some ways.

Alan: What you’ve just said, I think, is a very, very clear and accurate and concise description of the Angelina Jordan effect, and many, many people will say something very, very similar to that. I think what she does is a combination of things, she makes a person more emotional. She heightens our inner emotional world. You know, if you ask almost any artist, if they are able to verbalise and you say, what do you hope to achieve with your art? They may say, oh, I want to make something beautiful or I want to convey beauty.

But what she [Angelina Jordan] does is she makes a person feel more. And that is something which is extraordinary because it happens to so many people, even after being very, very familiar with the song. And because we are feeling more, that is actually a way to make us a better person.

Pontus: And I know in one of your videos, you mentioned Norway, the country, Norway, as a good example of the kind of… Yeah, what did you say in that video, really?

Alan: I said how lucky Angelina Jordan was to be born and raised in Norway because it is not very crowded. And because it is affluent and because her family were affluent, there was not pressure on her to start touring at the age of eight or 10 years old. And so she was able to stay focused on her school and her normal childhood. And so in that way, she’s lucky on many, many different levels. She’s first and foremost Norwegian. And that will always stay with her. And that’s actually a very big advantage because when you grow up with that innocence, that innocence stays with you as a basis. And also, Angelina makes no secret about the massive influence that her granny has been with her. And, you know, I take my hat off to both of them to forge this type of bond.

Pontus: Yeah. It’s really eye-opening to read her book. Have you read the book?

Alan: Yes, I have.

Pontus: Yeah. Between Two Hearts, it’s called In English. I thought that was a real eye-opener. And you can see that she’s doing some kind of well… She’s a true artist in that sense that she can do a lot of things. She can draw, although it’s her grandmother’s paintings in the book. We know that she [Angelina Jordan] can and likes to paint. She has that probably from my grandmother. And, of course, she can express her feelings in words.

Alan: When you have in your heart… When you have kindness and you have benevolence and you can express it directly and indirectly through music and through your persona, it becomes like the difference between having one speaker and two speakers and four speakers. If you have four speakers in the room, the sound becomes quadraphonic. It’s that much richer experience. And Angelina is able to do that between her persona and her singing and her lyrics and even the writing of her book. So she’s communicating that in many ways, on many different levels. And it’s all consistent.
And I’m a big fan of making a distinction between acts of kindness and uninterrupted acts of kindness because that puts it more into perspective when acts of kindness are uninterrupted. I, like you, was moved and I thought something extraordinary was going on and I actually could not put it into words. And a lot of my videos are trying to put it into words. But now that we are stripping away the music in this podcast, we only have the words. And so we are focusing on the ripples, we’re focusing on the end product, and we’re not talking about the music. And because we’re not, we’re talking about the heart of the matter, you and I. Right now, we are talking between two hearts.

Pontus: You said in one of your videos: the feeling we get from listening to Angelena, how can we make this last longer? I thought that was quite interesting. How can we make the feeling of joy or the feeling of tranquillity after listening to, anything really or experience anything? How can we take that into our heart and be more like that?

Alan: You used two words when we were discussing this podcast. You used the two words self improvement. And I think that captures very, very clearly what we’re trying to do because, you know, emotions don’t just happen to us. They’re sort of… It’s almost like we’re growing a plant inside of ourselves and we can water it and we can shed light on it and we can look after it and we can nurture it. And in a way, our emotions are not just like, if it rains or if it snows and it’s completely out of our control, it’s something that we can nurture. And Angelina, in a way, is planting a seed and then she’s watering it. And then what we do with that emotion is then almost she’s passing the baton to us and we’re then running with it.

Pontus: For me, one of the sorts of concrete things that I have changed or sort of noticed behavioural change in myself is replying to all those comments that you get on social media, on YouTube channels and everything, because there are always people that have a different view than yourself. And of course, there are the extremes, the trolls or the haters and those I pretty much just delete. I don’t even go into a debate because I feel that those persons are just in it for the provocation itself. But some people that have different views on things I now… With the new me, the new and improved me go into with a different kind of feeling so that it’s more a positive way of tackling things and not just being so… Rooted in my own opinions, I think.

Alan: I think that’s a very, very good phrase that you just used “the new and improved me”, and that is actually what we wish to invite on this podcast. We want to hear about other “new and improved me’s” from other listeners who have experienced Angelina Jordan and have been moved with her. And we want to hear about other people to elaborate on how they are “new” and how they are “improved” because this should not be kept under wraps in a warm blanket. This should be opened up to the sunshine. And we should put light on this and amplify this because this is really, really important what we’re talking about.

Pontus: Go to to find out more about this podcast and how you can share your stories and experiences.


  1. Joe Murray

    What a great podcast and following comments. I to, am involved emotionally with the sound of Angelina’s voice. I have shed tears while listening to her songs in combination with the effect she having on other people. Angelina is a blessing in this world for me and who ever else is affected by her.

  2. Richard Hudson

    A question of timing in my opinion. The world has always searched for something. The modern din is nearly overwhelming. Fast and loud. Some can travel to a guru(s) until they find some enlightenment. Follow the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Jesus, or the dark side, on and on. If you follow anything and profess it, you have marked yourself. Every way has its critics and haters, or questioners, and always commenters.
    But, Angelina has only a love and help agenda. No commitment or collection plate.
    She had resurrected absolutely great music and it’s messages. It shows us that on previous times some were searching, some were grounded, etc. to a degree we didn’t even know existed. As you enlighten yourself, you have no label or target on you. Just better understanding.
    The messages in her music cannot be tweaked by the media or politicians. In a way, this makes her dangerous. This deep humanity.
    A religious musical person said he had a vision that a storehouse in heaven was full of songs just waiting for the inspired to share them.
    Many people have otherworldly talent and voices. Used for good and also some for bad.
    Has anyone ever said that her multi-dimensional talent could come from anywhere but a gift of God. I think not.
    Her young heart seems pure and helpful.
    Her’s is a non-religious but pure testimony, and I feel certain that worldly and sinful elements will attack and try to tarnish her, to blunt the influence and non-worded message that she is.
    She must be protected until she is of wisdom to be able to see how some would silence or dilute her influence.
    I could go on and on about how she had made me look at music more completely.
    Hopefully, other talented people will take a page from her and try to be a blessing.
    Everyone around me causes joy. Some by coming, some by leaving.
    Two musical things have made me never the same again. The blessing of Angelina and the Hu singing ‘Wolf Totem’.
    I hope she is never burdened by the blessing she is, as she is just an advanced human.
    I’m 74 and have no talents, but I can still think.

    • Linda

      Lol …. I agree with all you said. God is the keeper of the music.

      I am 74 yr old musician and writer .. every piece of music written is a piece of someone’s soul. They felt something inside and they trie to capture the feeling in music. I don’t think you can convey the music without having experienced those feelings. She is able to recognize the soul of the music , the music and words . She gets it , she feels it, and then she gives it as a gift to you! Enjoy!

      • Albert L Vidal

        This Angel she is a Angel I’m a born again question and struggle with addiction to drugs Since Angelina voice and her presence I can honestly say I have not craved or touch any drugs since she is God sent I lover her for that I won’t idolize her but I adore her with full life saving thankfulness

  3. John Samuels

    I am so spoiled. Although I am 81, I try to listen to relatively modern songs and am disappointed time and time again. I never miss an hour or two of Angelina every day, sometimes when I am tending to “business,” but I hear and feel her anyway. I agree wholeheartedly with your podcast’s attempts to put a label on Angie’s unique ability to touch her listener’s heart. I have thought about it and finally summed it up as Angelina singing in three dimensions while 99.9% of what you hear today is two-dimensional (at best). The third dimension she radiates has no earthly name, it is exclusively hers, for our selfish benefit.
    Thanks guys!

  4. Nestor De Poli

    Hola Pontus y Allan, muchas gracias, es un hermoso trabajo, no me canso de escribir en los grupos y en las reacciones, que Angelina es mas que musica, y cuando lei de que iba a tratar el podcast, me dije, va por ahi, estoy seguro que ahi hay algo mas, no es solo musica, cuando la escuche por primera vez, me dije, ella es especial cantando, con el tiempo, me di cuenta de que ella es un ser humano muy especial y eso lo traslada a su musica, en mi hay un antes y un despues de dejarme abrazar por su arte, escribi dejarme, porque no todos estamos preparados para recibir tanto amor, pero podes luchar contra ello, pero en difinitiva, todos nos rendimos, de ahi que Angelina me da esperanza, con migo hizo un trabajo ( por asi decirlo ) excelente, al ser sentimiento me cuenta expresarme, o describir lo que me pasa, por suerte ustedes lo hacen muy bien y me aferro a sus palabras, igualmente siento que Angelina le queda chico el vocabulario, es imposible describir su dimension, es como mistico jajaj, me rio porque me pongo colorado al escribir Mistico, quiero agradecerles mucho esto, es especial y me gusta mucho el tema y las experiencias suyas y de las demas personas, esto tambien me hace sentir muy bien, saludos desde Argentina

  5. Ron Gotwalt

    Excellent podcast guys ! Angelina brings out the best in all of us ! She is able to breathe love into our hearts through her voice ! It’s a wonderful feeling every time I get ready to hear her perform ! She makes my days so much brighter ! I can listen to her songs over and over again never tiring but wanting more ! She has captured my heart and I thank God she is in my life ! I love my barefoot princess and I have become so protective of her ! She is love and she is family !

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thanks Ron! I’m glad you liked it. I feel the same way.

  6. Kenta Wågenes

    Nice hearing your thoughts regarding Angelina and what she does to us human beings ❤ When I listen to Angelinas music and mesmerizing voice, I get calm and happy ❤ Chills and goosebumps happen so often its crazy. I love this artist and human being so much, and when I got to know more of her persona and values of life, I thought, I want to live my life in that way, Showing love and be humble. It is not always so easy, but I try my best to live my life in the Angelina spirit ❤ So Angelina has really made a positive change in my life 👍 Wish you 2 guys an amazing day 👍

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you, Kenta! It’s amazing how similar our reactions are. I now actually try to combine the ability she has to be both confident and humble at the same time. That is an art in itself!

  7. Liza Wan

    She’s d best n extraordinary

  8. Uwe

    First of all, Thank you both for the podcast it was great.
    To feel Angelina’s music and the meaning nehind how she’s singing you have to be a person with empathy and open minded. Unfortunately music it’s just a background noise for a lot of people.
    Since I’ve found her by accident as a 11 year old I listen to her almost daily.

    Thanks and greetings from Germany.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you Uwe! I’m so happy you liked it. Sometimes music can be a background noise for me too. But not when something like Angie’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody hits me. Then it is something else completely. But maybe you’re right. Maybe the feeling you and I share is not for everyone.

  9. Devon Spain

    Wonderfully done you two.
    Just like in your discussion, Angelina’s beautiful heart and singing has had a profound effect on me. I’ve found myself to be more tolerant and charitable.

    • Pontus Österlin

      That is wonderful to hear. It’s like a transmission of values between two hearts. It’s almost beyond comprehension.

      • Mike

        For five years now, I have been trying to figure out the effect this little girl has had on me. Something like this has never happened to me before and I’m not a spring chicken. The sound of her voice is like a sedative to me – and often I’m not even a fan of songs she has made new favourites of mine, simply because of the beauty of her voice, which seems to sometimes hit a nerve in me that I actually feel physically. Because of Angelina, I have learned more about vocal technique than I ever wanted to know, all of it in an effort to try to understand what’s happening to me – and how a little Norwegian girl was able to mesmerize me completely.
        Thank God for guys like you, who share my passion for this girl because otherwise I’d feel alone and worried about my own mental health. I eagerly await more comments.

        • Pontus Österlin

          Mike, you said it! That nerve she hits is a mystery to me too.

  10. Bob Blair

    I absolutely loved this first comment. My only critique is that it was too short. Felt like I was just really getting it, absorbing it, and then without warning it was over.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you Bob! I am glad you liked it and I have some good news – episode 2 is 20 minutes long. I think that is about as long as they are going to get.

      • Bob blair

        Thanku for your reply Pontus. 20 is good. At least I’m prepared for the time allotment now.
        I get very emotional when I talk about Angelina. My passion and grandfatherly love for this girl comes bursting out in pride and adoration.
        Then there’s the affect she has had on my inner being. Ive never had children and didn’t think I’d ever know that kind of love. The miracle has happened. Its all so completely unexplainable. Yet we keep pressing forward in an attempt to explain the mystery of Angelina.

  11. Lígia dos Reis

    I loved the podcast. Angelina really makes me feel better in a time of troubles. When I list to her, world disappears and that’s because I can’t get enough of Angelina!

    • Pontus Österlin

      Hi Lígia! I am so happy that you enjoyed our first episode. Yes we need her now.

  12. Made Lon

    Hi Alan and Pontus! I think you two were able to put into words what many of us feel about Angelina and her music. Great job!

    It’s definitely not just her voice, her timbre, the way she delivers the songs. It’s like each time she opens her mouth to sing she is sending a special message to each and every one of us who, in turn, internalize it our own way. Like a “siren’s song” but in a good way, lol.

    I have used the term warm blanket to describe Angelina’s voice as it seems to envelop us and comfort us. Makes us FEEL as you said, something that it’s very rare in today’s music.

    Anyway, it was a pleasure to listen to this first installment of your podcast and I’ll make sure to follow your updates.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Hi Made,
      I’m glad you liked it. What a great way to say it “Siren’s song in a good way” 💕 Please make sure to subscribe if you want to make sure you never miss a release 🤗

  13. andy schnell

    Alan and Pontus I thank you both on behalf of all the angels for starting this podcast, which is the first one I have listened to. Angelina’s angels do feel their lives have been improved and hopefully will be inspired to share their stories and feelings as the two of you have begun to do with episode one.

    I do intend to contribute at some point once I am able to put my thoughts and feelings into words.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Hi Andy,
      We would love ❤️ to have you on the show in some form. Please get back to me whenever you’re up to it and we can discuss your contribution.

  14. Victor Viñas

    Congrats for the very interesting podcast. For a few years now I have listen to Angelina everyday. The emotion she gives her songs are amazing. I’m 67 yo and consider her almost like a grandaughter ( of which I have seven). I love her humbleness, her moral and family values, her empathy and her strong determination to achieve her goals in life. I hope that been a teenager ( where many go stray) does not change her. Also life in LA is very different to Norway. Hope is stays true to her roots.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you Victor, I for one am confident Angie will never stray from her long term goals 👸🏻

  15. Robert Carlson

    Thank you, Alan and Pontus, and congratulations on the launch of your new podcast about Angelina. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching both of your YouTube channels and now this gives me yet another venue to learn more about her and the many gifts she brings to the world. I have followed Angelina since NGT in 2014 and feel as though I can hold my own when talking about her with others, but there is always something new and interesting about her that comes up to intrigue and delight us. Looking forward to your future episodes!

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you, Robert 🤗 I wish I could have followed Angie since the start like you. That must have been awesome 🤩

  16. Zbigniew Grabczyński

    A man, a stone and a mirror of water – a great visualization of what I personally experienced, hearing for the first time, singing 8-year-old Angelina Jordan. Yes, I confirm that this child has a gift, the gift of a friendly, open to life and love heart, which she can pass on to me and I think to all who will listen to her singing.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Hi Zbigniew,
      Alan has a way with words 🤗 It’s a wonder to me how her persona gets transmitted to the listeners. It’s a unique gift 💝

  17. george davidson

    I forgot to thank you guys for doing this.Anything Angelina makes for a perfect day.I don’t understand how just a girl singing can do this but I accept it and enjoy!

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you George! Yes, we can never get enough of Angelina 🤗

  18. Bob Blair

    There is fourth dimension to the pond analogy. It is this: when that stone touches down on the floor of that pond, its geography is forever changed in order to make room for it. The silt and sand are nudged and moved in accordance with the stones trajectory. Most likely the stone wafts it way to the bottom thus creating a gentle landing. Yet the floor is forever changed.

    • Pontus Österlin

      Hi Bob!
      Oh, I do like your analogy amendment 💕 I’m taking that into my heart, because I know my floor is forever changed 🤗

      • Shiha from Malaysia

        Tq for this wonderful podcast. It’s great to hear yr thoughts which resonates wth so many Angelina’s fans. Angelina’s music has impacted our lives & we are left wanting for more. Truly she is a beautiful individual creating beautiful music that heals the soul.

      • Nate from Austin

        …and the boats and swimmers nearby are effected, rocked just slightly by her waves…

  19. Pete Hormell

    Yay!… it has launched. Great first episode you two! I’m looking forward to episodes 2 – ?
    Keep up the good work. 👍

    • Pontus Österlin

      Thank you, Pete.
      Episode 2 is called The Strength Within 🤫 It will be published on June 24th at 3 pm London time (UTC +1)

  20. george mcwilliam

    I am not able to express myself as clearly as you guys but i do want to say well done. This podcast was insightful and interesting. I found myself agreeing with everything that was said including my first experience of Angelina – AGT 2020. At first I was curious, didn’t listen to any modern music at all, and then found youtube…these days i listen to Angelina for hours every day. Keep up the good work and thanks.

    • george davidson

      Exactly the same thing has happened to me.I have never been a big fan of any singer but this young girl doesn’t just sing a song.She makes you feel music.I may never be a better person but I listen to her every day and she makes me feel good!

    • Pontus Österlon

      Thanks George,
      I’m so glad you liked it 💕 It means the world to us.


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