Wrapped in a Warm Blanket

All about Angelina Jordan’s artistry and how that affects us

”I've heard many say: we need more people like her. I’d rather they say: I want to be like her.”

David Touma

”Who gave her the right to be this good? Leave some talent for the rest of us.”

Ralphie Reacts

”I'm always shocked. Even though I've seen Angelina so many times, I'm just overwhelmed by how masterful she is.”

Vocal Splendor Studios

”There is just something magical about her. Something you'll never ever going to put into words. You just gotta hear it or feel it through her song.”

Highly Combustible Reacts

”Anybody that works too hard to understand Angelina Jordan, will not understand her.”

Uncle Momo

”I believe Angelina Jordan's gonna be one of those artist that we're gonna hear about for a very long time, like 30, 40, 50, a hundred years from now.”


”As heroin is addictive and destroys the essence of a person, so Angelina's voice is addictive but enhances the fortunate humans who discover her and encourages them to become better people.”

Albert Tenfoot

”We are dealing with a genius.”

Adam Straughan

”The soul within her voice, bro. Like, you can hear the passion, you can hear the love for music in her vocals, bro.”

Disfunktional TeeVee

”She just like, killed me dead. I swear, man.”

HarriBest Music Reactions

”She has the most velvety, clean voice I’ve ever heard.”

Nerdy Girl Blue

”She's got the rasp of a Louis Armstrong and that silky, silky smoothness of an Ella Fitzgerald, combined in one person, in one voice. ”

Behind The Curve

”She sings like she doesn’t know how good she is.”


”There’s something about her, I don’t know what it is. I’m not trying to, you know, gas her up or anything like that. I’m serious, there’s something special about this young woman.”

Cliff Beats

”I’m sitting now in silence because I am just paying homage and reverence to, what we will come to know as one of the greatest voices in history.”


”Every time you listen to her it's like you're seeing something new, you're hearing something new. It's like you're hearing her for the first time all over again. And you're just captivated by it.”

Xavia B Tv

”It's like her voice is directly connected to the heartstrings of ones mind.”


”Her singing creates this story and it draws you in and it takes you on this beautiful, magical journey.”

I’ve Got Something to Say

”She is going to be one of the Greats in singing history, I believe.”

Verbal Droppings

”It’s like you’re there in the room with her. It’s like she’s singing to you. I can feel her energy in some weird way. ”


”I think she's probably going to go very far with this career that she's choosing for herself. That is insane talent!”

Dicon Dissectional Reactions

”Do you know what her voice reminds me of? A nice place to stay. It's just a nice place for your ears to be.”


”Yo, please tell me why this is not mainstream, bro. Why haven't I hear this on the radio and stuff? Cause yo, this is radio-worthy. This is everything-worthy right now, bro.”


”This girl is truly, truly something special. And, oh my gosh! We're gonna mention her with the Greats one day. This is insane.”

Tea Time With Travis

”Is there anything she can't do? That is my question. I'm just sitting here in awe of the musicality that just oozes out of this human.”

The Voice Love Co.

”Every time I do an Angelina reaction I go through the same process, The same stupefied experience, that I’ve had with each one of them. I’m shocked each time.”

SingerDad Reacts

”My goodness gracious, that voice on that little girl. She should be huge. She should be the biggest star in the world. Holy crap! Where have I been?”

Tea Time With Travis

”I just feel like there's a big disconnect with a lot of singers nowadays. And like, I don't feel what they are singing. If that makes any sense. But with Angelina, I can feel it. I feel every little bit of it.”

riesha reacts

”She's singing better as a child than most accomplished singers who's been doing it for how ever many years. This is mind-blowing, this is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Lee Reacts

”She's just pure, pure jazz. Unbelievable that we're getting to witness this from such an early stage. This has never happened before. Oh, she's unbelievable.”

It’s me Barry

”She's so young bro... Everybody should hide, because we don't know what her peak is... She sounds like a 50-year old legendary singer here.”


”She's so young and there's so much room, it's scary how much room for growth she has, and like, she's already at age 15 better than everyone.”


”I can watch only Angelina now. She has ruined me for every other artist. That voice has me addicted to her. I look forward to the coming years and can't wait for her first concert. Just the best!!!”

George Davidson

”That is beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Her voice is moving me right now.”


”Holding my tears back, bro. For real.”


”I think she’s an absolutely fantastic person. We should take heed to be more like her. ”

BlocK PartieZ (PopZ Reacts)

”She is unbelievable. It’s such an unpretentious, simple, pure expression of art, expression of love.”


”Right, just a message for every other singer on the planet, just pack up your microphone, put all your instruments away. There is no need for you to release any more music.”

G On A Beat

”She is an absolute pleasure to listen to. It takes you somewhere else when you listen to her voice, it just carries you off and just… Man, it just makes you feel so good inside. It really does.”

Tom Tuffnuts

”One of the most amazing talents I've seen come along in my career. And I've been doing this a while.”

Shelly Berg

”In the next few years, that voice is gonna elevate. And it’s gonna be scary. Scary. ”


”There aren’t any other artists that exist today that have her sound and really have that captivating quality that she has when she sings.”

Russell Family Reactions

”It doesn’t matter what song, what genre, who it is, she makes it her own and sometimes better than the original. Amazing!”


”Holy crap! Why do I have tears in my eyes? This is awesome. What's going on? Holy crap!”

Rusty Gaming and Reactions

”I’ll be honest, I’m lost for words. I’m trying to get words out to describe how I’m feeling. But overwhelmed is probably the best one. It’s crazy how she can do that to you. She has got a stupidly powerful voice, that can move you to tears when you least expect it.”


”This is the most amazing, amazing singing I’ve ever heard from a ten-year-old in my entire life. I can’t think of anybody who can sing like this at ten. You know what, I can’t think of anybody who can sing like this at twenty.”

Reactions by D

”People saying she good, pisses me off. That is such a very… No, use a big word, you know what I’m saying. She is phenomenal.”


”Every time I listen to her I fall in love with her vocals, her style, her passion and the way she just like, captures the essence of the song so, so well, but yet it still feels like you’re listening to something that is very unique. You know, like it’s her own.”

Watch BizMatik

”She might single-handedly be responsible for the resurgence of true jazz in the future.”

Modern Life for the 70s Mind

”It almost feels like she takes your hand, sits you down and says, ‘Enjoy. Relax. Take it all in.’ And then she just brings it to you.”

Modern Life for the 70s Mind

”At this age, I can say with confidence that she is one of the greatest singers that I have ever heard. Already. So I was very right to call her Young Legend, and I stand by that. ”


”This girl deserves to be known all over the world.”


”This is like one of those once in a lifetime type souls that you see. It’s like, legend has it every thousand years or so a soul is born that is designed to change things for ever. This is one of those souls.”

Vand3rHorst Official

”I can feel it all the way down into my bones that you are a superstar in the making. I mean, we are seeing right in front of our eyes.”

Heidi Klum

”One word comes to mind when I listen to you and that’s, Hypnotic. You know, I just get drawn into your sound and your performance and nothing else going on around me even matters. It’s all about you.”

Howie Mandel

”I think you’re a very special person. Great soul, great talent.”

Simon Cowell

”She has this aura, she has this charm in her voice. You just can’t escape.”


”You know what, I’ve never paid that song that much attention, until now. Angelina got me listening to the lyrics more than the original song. That’s crazy, bro.”



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Excellent podcast guys! Angelina brings out the best in all of us! She is able to breathe love into our hearts through her voice! It’s a wonderful feeling every time I get ready to hear her perform! She makes my days so much brighter!

Ron Gotwalt

Nice hearing your thoughts regarding Angelina and what she does to us human beings ❤  I love this artist and human being so much, and when I got to know more of her persona and values of life, I thought, I want to live my life in that way, Showing love and be humble.

Kenta Wågenes

Wonderfully done you two.
Just like in your discussion, Angelina’s beautiful heart and singing has had a profound effect on me. I’ve found myself to be more tolerant and charitable.

Devon Spain